Glastonbury 2023: A Tourette's patient's mother commends Lewis Capaldi

Harry, Laura Hummersone's son, and Laura

According to the mother of a teen with Tourette's, Lewis Capaldi's Glastonbury performance will significantly increase public awareness of the condition.

Having Tourette's himself, Capaldi had to end his Saturday performance on the Pyramid Stage due to repeated tics and voice loss.

To show their support, the crowd sang along to the song in response.

Farnborough resident Laura Hummersone said it was difficult to watch because her son Harry, 19, exhibits similar tics.

Capaldi performed ballads for festival goers, including Someone You Loved, after announcing in 2022 that he had been diagnosed with the neurological condition.

Due to vocal issues, he found it difficult to finish the set and was almost unable to perform his closing songs.

Laura Hummersone and her son Harry
Lewis Capaldi's Glastonbury performance was seen by Laura Hummersone and her son Harry.

Ms. Hummersone watched his performance on television with her son, who she claimed eventually started grinning because he was comforted by the fact that he and Capaldi shared the same tics.

She said, "I think he did more for Tourette's at that time than any charity or education on the subject in all the times I've known about Tourette's - I was in tears.".

"[Capaldi] was openly ticing, and my son tries to suppress his tic the majority of the time when he's out, so when he gets home, he has these huge tic attacks where he can barely do anything.

"Some of the tics Lewis was exhibiting were ones that my son exhibits on a daily basis, such as jerking the head. ".

Five-year-old Harry was identified as having Tourette's, and Ms. Hummersone eventually had to quit her job to care for him.

People still believe you only tic when you're stressed, she claimed, which shows how misunderstood the condition is.

Lewis Capaldi
After his performance, the celebrity declared that he would take a lengthy break.

"With Lewis, he was ticing while engaging in a hobby he enjoyed; sometimes this deters you from what you're doing, other times it doesn't.

Therefore, his performance was incredibly potent. ".

The amount of crowd support for Capaldi, according to Ms. Hummersone, particularly struck her.

"The crowd yesterday demonstrated phenomenal acceptance, tolerance, understanding, empathy, and compassion," she said.

The musician has openly spoken about his struggles with anxiety and the demands of fame in the past, and he most recently made an appearance in a Netflix documentary about his mental health problems.

For the issues mentioned in this story, you can find information and support at. The BBC Action Line.

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