Harry Styles: How the pop star was instructed in horseback riding for a video

Harry is astride Teake

According to a horse trainer, she advised Harry Styles to "fake it to make it" when mounting up for his most recent music video.

The singer rode a horse owned by the Hertfordshire-based Stampede Stunt Company in the music video for Daylight.

Following their 14-month on-set encounter in Kent, handler Zana Cousins-Greenwood was required to keep her experience a secret.

We taught him how to ride, she continued, and we also taught him how to look good. ".

Harry rears Teake
Harry Styles "took the time with everyone and learned all the skills," according to Stampede Stunt Company.

During their lunch break together, the ex-One Direction member admitted to Ms. Cousins-Greenwood and her staff that he had never been on a horse.

Styles had only about 20 minutes to train before the cameras began to roll.

According to Ms Cousins-Greenwood, "We told Harry to just look like you're confident on a horse and fake it until you make it.".

Numerous celebrities, including Sir Anthony Hopkins and the late Paul O'Grady, have collaborated with the Hemel Hempstead company.

Stars typically go to the training facility to work out. Styles, however, was first introduced to the crew while they were filming at a circus outside a garden center due to his hectic schedule.

For 20 years, Stampede Stunt Company has trained horses.

Styles coolly maintains eye contact with the camera as he slowly rears the horse toward the conclusion of the video, which was released on Wednesday.

The trainer said, "I'm happy that the horse went nice and high, he can be lazy at times.".

The Friesian horse, Teake, was not originally intended to be the focal point of the film.

Harry riding Teake
Before filming began, Harry Styles only had 20 minutes of training.

Teake was brought to the shoot in addition to Carnival, the original horse that had been selected, in order to keep the white stallion company.

Carnival was made to appear in the background of a shot because the video's director preferred Teake, who was instead forced to take the lead.

Harry Styles with Poppleguy
In the past, Poppleguy collaborated with comedian and broadcaster Paul O'Grady.

For the video shoot, the company also supplied a parrot.

Styles is feeding Poppleguy the parrot a cashew nut while he is perched on his shoulder.

Although the parrot frequently appears in music videos, Ms Cousins-Greenwood claimed that inclusion was unintentional because the bird doesn't typically enjoy perching on people's shoulders.

She remarked, "He's a little picky and he went straight on Harry Styles' shoulder, the sign of a good vibe.

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