In a letter to Michael Gove, Russell Brand discusses the Thameside Theatre

Speaking at Grays, Essex's Thameside Theatre was Russell Brand

Russell Brand, a comedian, wrote to Michael Gove pleading with him to assist in saving his childhood theater.

The Essex's Thurrock Council's poor decisions should not cause the community to suffer, the actor and comedian told the secretary of state for levelling up, housing, and communities.

The Thameside theater complex in Grays may be sold by the Conservative-run council, which has debts of £1.5 billion.

The council should "consider all options," the government claimed.

Brand, who once performed there as a child, urged the council to accept the "viable" concession that the Save Your Thameside campaign has already made.

On behalf of the council, the group wants to manage the complex.

The BBC obtained Brand's letter, in which she stated that "the local taxpayers should not suffer because the council lost its path by investing in ideas that have not produced fruit.".

"Closing the theater would be a different error.

I implore you to step in and prevent the theater from being shut down by those whose actions put it in danger. ".

A demonstration at the Thameside complex
In November 2021, close to 100 individuals gathered in front of the council building to express their support for the Thameside complex.
Thameside Theatre complex
The Thameside Theatre has been under threat of closure for a while due to council plans.

In order to discuss what his department could do to "ensure support for this vital community asset," Brand, a Grays native, requested a "urgent" meeting with Mr. Gove.

Due to a string of risky investments, the council is in debt and may decide to raise residents' council taxes by up to 9 point 99 percent starting in April.

Everything is on the table when it comes to the sale of assets, according to council leader Mark Coxshall.

Russell Brand talking at Thameside Theatre, Grays, Essex
At a gathering in December at the Thameside theater, Russell Brand addressed about 450 attendees.

In March, a decision regarding the Thameside complex, which houses a 300-seat theater, museum, community center, and library, was anticipated.

"The department does not have a role in the sale of council-owned assets," a government spokesman stated.

It is appropriate that the authority, under the direction of Essex County Council in its capacity as commissioner, consider all options to increase its financial sustainability in light of the financial difficulties facing Thurrock Council.

"The department anticipates that the council will take into account local residents' best interests as part of any decision relating to asset disposal.

. "

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