In the Dudley shopping center, the constable is put on display

It's the cornfield

A shopping center now has The Cornfield by John Constable on display.

Up until 2 July, the painting, which is traveling from the National Gallery, will be on display in Dudley at Units 18–20 of the Churchill Shopping Center.

It is a stop on a national tour that has already included performances in Basildon, the Isle of Wight, and Jarrow.

It was a "great honor," according to Dudley Council deputy leader Councillor Paul Bradley.   .

The exhibition site will host a number of events for locals, including art classes, talks about the neighborhood glass industry, and exhibitions of Black Country landscape paintings.

Alongside Constable's masterpiece, items from the collection of the Dudley Museum will also be on display.

Director of the National Gallery Gabriele Finaldi stated: "It is an exciting way for us to connect with new partners all over the UK and to be a part of their outstanding work with their local communities. " .

While Kristien Neve of LCP Group, who manages and runs the Churchill Shopping Centre, added: "We couldn't be more pleased to host this beautiful Constable painting at the shopping center and hope locals and visitors from further afield come and see The Cornfield while they have the opportunity. ".

The Cornfield, finished in 1826 in Constable's London studio, shows a lane leading into a colorful cornfield and is based on a path that the artist frequently traveled as a young boy.

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