Julian Sands: In a recent interview, the actor claimed that mountains were "more unstable."

2014 saw Julian Sands

In his final UK interview, actor Julian Sands, who passed away in a California mountain range, said that many of his friends had stopped mountaineering because it had grown to be too dangerous.

After going missing for six months, the body of the British actor was discovered last week.

Late last year, he told Radio Times, "Pals I used to climb with have stopped going to the mountains.".

That was "partly because they find the rock faces have become much more unstable with climate change," he claimed.

In addition, he told the magazine that "partly, it's age.".

Those friends, according to Sands, who was 64 at the time, no longer desired to devote themselves to a climb.

"It becomes much more dangerous and it's a much more demoralizing experience if you don't really have the desire, the focus for climbing a route, if you're not absolutely committed," he said.

It's difficult to find people whose company I enjoy in such demanding and private situations. ".

Sands, who is best known for the 1985 movie A Room with a View, vanished on January 13 while hiking Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains, close to Los Angeles.

The search was hampered by the winter weather, and on June 24, hikers discovered human remains. Later, it was determined that they belonged to Sands.

He spoke with Radio Times to promote the BBC radio drama The Willows, which aired over the holiday season.

He claimed to be aware of the dangers of being on mountains and to frequently be conscious of being near areas where previous fatalities had occurred.

The two are quite complementary, so if you can handle treacherous mountains, you can certainly handle life as an actor, he asserted.

. "

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