Maisie Peters: A fan runs into the musician and speaks with Ed Sheeran

In the record shop, Hannah Clayton is on the left taking a selfie with Maisie Peters, who is on the right. Both of...

You don't run into one of your favorite singers in a record shop every day by pure chance.

But that's exactly what happened to Hannah Clayton, 24, when she entered the store to purchase the newest Maisie Peters album.

She realized she was blocking her path to the album shelf and started talking to the singer-songwriter.

The day then took a strange turn when Maisie asked if she would like to speak with none other than international superstar Ed Sheeran.

Hannah tells BBC Newsbeat, "We started talking when I reached for her record, and she turned and asked if I wanted to say hi to Ed.

"I noticed that she was on Instagram live with Ed Sheeran and that she had her phone propped up, so I was able to communicate with him through her.

"He enquired about my name, my hometown, and whether or not I planned to see him this year.

"I called all of my friends as soon as I stepped outside the record shop, and they were ecstatic. ".

The artist Maisie is signed to supported Ed Sheeran at his stadium performances in Australia and New Zealand earlier this year.

A close-up photo of the cover of Maisie Peters' vinyl album The Good Witch which she has signed andquot;To Hannah" and has kisses and a heart drawn on it as well as her signature.
Hannah wants to frame the vinyl and hang it on her wall in the US.

Hannah, an American visiting family in the UK, was encouraged to go to Banquet Records in Kingston-upon-Thames.

When she decided to drop by, she claims she had no idea Maisie would be there signing copies of her new album The Good Witch.

She admits, "I just went in the store on a whim. It was crazy.

"Since I knew her album had just been released, I was actually going to look for it. I noticed a person in the corner when I entered and thought, "Wow, she looks familiar.".

I eventually approached and realized it was Maisie.

We discussed the album and her enthusiasm for it, and she expressed her delight that I had come to purchase the vinyl. ".

Hannah, a resident of Portland, Oregon, claims that Maisie even autographed her brand-new album for her.

She declares, "I'm a huge vinyl collector.

"I will definitely have a spot on my wall for it, and I'll have it framed so it can have a good spot. ".

The Good Witch has just been ranked number one on the Official Albums Chart, making Maisie the first British female solo artist to do so at the age of just 19 in the past nine years.

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