Manic Street Preachers: Nicky Wire claims that the band is "more understated now."

the band that played Glastonbury

Bassist Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers claims that over time, the band has become more subtle with their political messaging.

From Blackwood, Caerphilly, Wire claimed that the Manics had made some "gigantic" advancements through the years.

The Manics performed at Glastonbury for the sixth time this past weekend, 35 years after releasing their debut single.

The band, who are known for their political lyrics, still tries to write about topics that interest them.

But I'm not sure if there is still an audience for that, Wire said to BBC Radio Wales Breakfast.

You don't want to be that man in your fifties who is constantly shouting at people and assuming the position of authority.

We've always written about topics that interested us, but we're probably a bit more subdued now. ".

The band performing at Glastonbury 24 June 2023
According to the band's bassist Nicky Wire, as they've matured, their political messaging has become more subtly expressed.

We have always loved to reinvent ourselves. I suppose you won't survive as long as we have if you don't," added Wire.

"You transition from that raw punk rage and anger.   .

Then, he continued, "you get the sort of orchestral, classical period of Everything Must Go and This Is My Truth, followed by the sort of glam rock of Generation Terrorists, followed by the nihilism of the Holy Bible.

Achieving number one with the song If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next, which is about Welshmen who fought in the Spanish Civil War, was a "crowning achievement," according to Wire.

Glastonbury - Manic Street Preachers on BBC iPlayer.

Because their followers were "dedicated, loyal, and intense," he claimed, the band was able to maintain their fan base despite changing their sound.

Several of them have remained with us. Many of them float away before returning.   .

"Our band is a pick-and-mix. People are welcome to enter, depart, and return, according to Wire.

It's a nice, subtle nod to an identity with which I'm very at ease, he said.

It had been challenging to choose the set list, according to Wire.

"I'm the one in charge of writing the set list, and it's really complicated. We've done 14 studio albums.

"I believe we have written 400 to 500 songs, so it was difficult to choose just 15 of them.

. "

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