Pubs are used by George Michael's supporters to raise money

Michael George

To commemorate what would have been George Michael's 60th birthday, fans from all over the world gathered in some of his favorite bars.

On Sunday, charity events were held in Bushey, Hertfordshire, and Goring, Oxfordshire.

Bushey's George Michael Appreciation Society was one of them and sold raffle tickets to raise hundreds of pounds.

The memorial services for the singer, who passed away in 2016, were called "bittersweet" by fans.

At The Three Crowns, the bar where Michael and Andrew Ridgeley founded Wham!, there was not only a raffle but also a disco.

Two George Michael fans
The event at The Three Crowns was organized by Steve Stunt, who came with his son George, who was named after George Michael.

Amalia, a supporter from Madrid, felt that going to Bushey for the festivities was important.

She remarked: "I enjoy visiting Bushey because of Bushey Meads School. I've visited there frequently. It's a means of support and a coping mechanism for me. ".

Another local supporter named Lucy expressed her "proudness" that Andrew Ridgely and George Michael were from her hometown and agreed that the celebrations were significant.

"If only he could hear how we're talking about him now, he would be so proud that we could all come together and remember him for his music on what would have been his sixty-first birthday. ".

The shrine to George Michael in The Three Crowns
The table George Michael sat at in The Three Crowns as a teen is now home to a shrine dedicated to him.

It was "fantastic to walk the way George and Andrew would walk to school," said Kiki, a fan from Greece who now resides in Germany.

She also went to Goring, where Michael resided from 2001 until his passing in the Oxfordshire village.

A group of George Michael fans at The Three Crown
Fans at The Three Crowns won raffle prizes with a George Michael theme, including Wham! vinyl and a DVD of the series Eli Stone that featured the musician's music.

In addition to holding a raffle on Sunday night, The Miller of Mansfield, a bar next to his former residence, also raised £1,515 for The Hub in Goring.

According to the singer's landlord, Steve Gormley, visits might occur "once or twice a week.". Coincidentally, Mr. Gormley owned and operated an American-themed restaurant in Hertfordshire in the 1980s that George Michael frequented.

A tribute artist performed at the Miller of Mansfield on Sunday night, drawing hundreds of fans from as far away as Australia.

Mary, a fan from Australia, declared: "I've loved George Michael since I was a little girl, and I really like his music. I would do anything to be here for his milestone birthday. ".

"For 37 hours on the plane again, I would do it again," she said on BBC Three Counties Radio.

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