Refugees in Bristol have a "musical home" thanks to the orchestra

Chrystyna z Ukrainy

An international refugee orchestra recently gave its debut major performance.

Last autumn, the Dovetail Orchestra welcomed refugees and asylum seekers to Bristol.

They have been getting together ever since to make music, and in June they played their first significant show at the St. George's concert hall.

We're attempting to provide a musical sanctuary and home, according to founder Jon James. ".

Jonathan James speaking into microphone
A "musical sanctuary and home," according to founder Jon James, is what he aims to provide.

Mr. James continued, "That feels significant because some of our members have experienced very traumatic pasts.

There are some genuine challenges that they must overcome.

"In my opinion, music should be used to help people enter a space of joy, connection, and memories. ".

Krystyna from Ukraine
Krystyna claimed that the orchestra served as her "musical therapy" and assisted her in staying in the present.

Since four months ago, Krystyna, a Ukrainian, has been a member of the orchestra.

She claimed, "For me, it's therapeutic, like music therapy.". "I can take pleasure in it and be in the present. ".

Diego from El Salvador
Diego referred to magic as a "small word" to sum up his feelings regarding the orchestra.

Diego, an immigrant from El Salvador, claimed that living in the UK "opened his eyes" to the oppression he experienced back home.

"When I arrived here, I became aware of how vast the world is. I had the opportunity to both build and cross those bridges, he said.

Regarding the orchestra, he added, "It's not just a group you play gigs with; you get to be a family.".

"I don't think magic does it justice.

. "

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