Second Netflix series, Sandman: Durdle Door was the location for filming

Sandman optager ved Durdle Door

The second season of the popular Netflix series The Sandman is currently being filmed in Dorset.

Tom Sturridge, an actor, was spotted at Durdle Door beach filming a scene for the American fantasy drama.

There have also been filming crew sightings at Parkstone Cemetery in Poole, which has sparked rumors on social media.

The most recent production comes after the initial run of the TV adaptation of the DC comic, which debuted in 2022.

Sandman filming at Durdle Door
The character played by Tom Sturridge was seen interacting with a man wearing white robes.

Sturridge's portrayal of Morpheus is followed by The Sandman. After breaking out of a protracted prison sentence, he takes on the persona of stories and dreams and sets out to reclaim his abilities and mastery of the dream world.

He belongs to the Endless family, along with Death and Desire.

The Lulworth Estate's Durdle Door beach was closed for several days while the movie was being filmed there.

A character wearing white robes and carrying what appeared to be a lyre—a harp-like instrument made of animal horns—could be seen walking along the beach to meet Sturridge, who was dressed entirely in black flowing clothing.

Filming for The Sandman
On the Lulworth Estate, the show's production team could be seen assembling.
Filming for The Sandman
In the TV adaptation, Tom Sturridge portrays Morpheus.
Sandman filming at Durdle Door
On Netflix, the second season of the TV adaptation will be available.

Location teams have also been spotted at Sandbanks on Poole Harbour's edge.

The acclaimed graphic novel, which debuted in 1988, took more than 30 years to be adapted for live-action television.

Despite prior interest from Hollywood, author Neil Gaiman claimed it was "uncrackable" to condense a 3,000-page story into two hours of film.

Short standalone stories and longer, more overlapping narratives were both present in the original series' 75-issue run.

Sandbanks car park
Sandbanks has also seen production vehicles.

In August 2022, it finally made its Netflix debut, starring well-known actors like Gwendoline Christie, Charles Dance, Stephen Fry, Jenna Coleman, and Jenna Coleman as Lucifer.

The next two volumes, Dream Country and Season of Mists, were supposed to be the focus of the second series.

In the spring or summer of 2024, it is anticipated to be streamed.

Wonka, Ammonite, and Future TX are just a few of the notable TV and film productions that have used the Dorset Coast as a location recently.

At locations throughout the south west of England, filming has also begun on a BBC adaptation of Enid Blyton's Famous Five.

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