Silecroft: New artwork for a beach in Cumbria is unveiled

Imagination of people gazing into a long pool of water reflecting the sun and clouds on a beach

On a beach in Cumbria, a fresh piece of art has been selected.

Olafur Eliasson, an Icelandic-Danish artist, and Robert Macfarlane, a British writer, have created the piece, tentatively titled Your Daylight Destination, for a location close to Silecroft.

It will be erected as a part of Copeland's Deep Time: Commissions for the Lake District Coast art series, which debuts this summer.

On the beach, there will be a pool that is 98 feet (30 meters) long and a viewing platform.

Seven new permanent works of art will be installed along the coast as part of Deep Time, along with new writings and an artist residency program.

A view of sand dunes and a pretty beach
The project will be put in place close to Silecroft.

The "elliptical steel pool" would be featured in the Silecroft project, according to the organizers, and would be viewed from a viewing platform with a series of sizable circles that were modeled after "cup and ring" prehistoric rock art.

An official spokeswoman stated that spectators on the platform "should see the rings appear in alignment as concentric circles around the foreshortened steel pool, which forms a perfect circle.".

Three large concentric circles overlooking a beach with the pond shining white in the middle
The three circles and the mirrored pool should line up exactly for observers from the platform.

Two times per day, the pool will be submerged by the high water, and when the tide is out, the pool will "act like a mirror, reflecting the sun, moon, and sky," she continued.

"In a sense, it is a humble reflection of what is already there - the beach, the water, the sky, the plants and animals - reframed within a space that invites self-discovery in a deep-time perspective," Mr. Eliasson said, adding that he was "delighted" to have been chosen. ".

The proposal from Olafur and Robert skillfully captured the essence of the coast, utilizing its fundamental components to produce a straightforward yet magnificent design, according to curator Aldo Rinaldi. ".

The installation, according to Copeland mayor Mike Starkie, "will draw tourists from far and wide to see a unique and large-scale piece of art in a stunning location."

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