Teens attending Boardmasters should attend consent workshops

A teacher addresses the class regarding consent

Workshops on relationships and consent issues for teenagers have been partially funded by a festival in Cornwall.

Before its event in August, the Boardmasters Festival, which takes place close to Newquay, partnered with the Schools Consent Project to host the workshops for Cornwall's Year 12 students.

In order to "equip young people with the information they need" prior to the festival, it was stated that the talks would "address tricky topics.".

The festival claimed its goal was to change social behavior "by tackling these issues at the root" under the direction of trained legal professionals.

Boardmasters event with tents and people in a field

Boardmasters is a festival that can draw up to 50,000 people to Newquay in August.

According to Georgina Stein-Hemmings of the Schools Consents Project, the project's goal was to define consent.

"Many PSHE [personal, social, health, and economic] lessons are focused on emotions and feelings, which is incredibly valid," she said.

However, many students aren't made aware of the potential consequences of breaking the law should something unfortunate occur. ".

We've had PSHE lessons on consent before, but we've never really understood the law behind it, sixth-former Anna said, so it was "really useful to see the law side of this.".

The workshop was "a lot more eye-opening than I was expecting it to be," BTEC student Ollie said.

It was "really interesting because there are a lot of laws that I didn't know about," sixth-former Emily said.

The festival's staff hoped the conversations had during the presentations would give the students more confidence, according to Boardmasters director Gaby Williams.

Boardmasters attracts a young audience to the festival, so it was crucial to educate and empower them before they arrived, according to the speaker.

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