The Epstein Theatre in Liverpool needs to be saved, says actor Joe McGann

The Epstein Theater's exterior

A famous theater in the area has received a plea from an actor to the city council.

Due to the local government's decision not to renew its financial support, the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool will close on Friday.

Former Hollyoaks actor Joe McGann claimed that the Hanover Street location required a "stay of execution.".

According to Liverpool City Council, budget cuts prevent it from continuing to support the theater financially.

On behalf of Epstein Entertainments Ltd, which was given the go-ahead by the council to run the Grade II-listed theater in October 2018, more than 13,000 people have signed a petition.

Paul, Mark, and Stephen's older brother McGann claimed that the petition, which had been gathered in the two weeks following the council's decision, demonstrated the love that people have for the landmark theater.

When you walk up the stairs and find a music hall designed in the style of 1913, it's beautiful, he said, "It is glorious to come to this little jewel.".

"It was one of the places that made me want to be an actor," the actor, who once appeared in a play at a theater, said. ".

External view of the Epstein Theatre
Since 2018, Epstein Entertainments Ltd. has been in charge of the theater.

According to him, there isn't another venue in the city center that can accommodate both small stages and the Liverpool Empire's much larger stage.

"It is an ideal medium-sized theatre which makes it ideal for developing local talent and is affordable," he continued. "It has a big stage you can use proper scenery and is an ideal size for a small theatre.".

It's beautiful, and I don't understand why there aren't more conversations going on, McGann said.

Epstein Theatre auditorium
On Friday, The Epstein Theatre is scheduled to close.

"We're going to lose one of our jewels in a city that is bursting with dancing, musical theater, and theatrical life. ".

We require a stay of execution, he continued, because Epstein Entertainments Ltd lost three years despite the pandemic. What use will it be to anyone if it sits empty? Let's all talk about how to make this place sparkle once more.

An inquiry has been made to Liverpool City Council for a response.

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