The Museum of Gloucester debuts its Star Wars exhibition

Das Helm von Dr. Vader

A brand-new exhibition honoring Star Wars posters and toys recently opened.

Up until Friday, May The Toys Be With You will be on display at the Museum of Gloucester.

Between 1977 and 1985, 300 million action figures based on the movies were reportedly sold worldwide; unopened originals are now worth astronomical sums.

The exhibition was curated by Matt Fox, who calls it the "tip of the iceberg" of his collection.

Film poster for Star Wars Return of the Jedi
The exhibition includes authentic movie posters.

"The designs are incredible; so many items have become iconic in our culture. Star Wars is still popular today because of it, according to Mr. Fox.

To compete with other collectors for complete figures, Mr. Fox has combed auctions all over the world.

We're talking about quite a bit of money if they are still in the box, unsold, and unopened, he said.

Star Wars toys
Collectors now place a high value on some of the original toys.

Mr. Fox said that when he was five years old, he received a Darth Vader toy, which ignited his passion for the series.

The smell of the figure's pungent vinyl when I first opened it is one of my earliest memories.

"I adore the designs, in my opinion. They are all excellent, so you can choose anything, he added.

Darth Vader helmet
Matt Fox was in charge of curating the exhibition.

On Saturday, the museum's opening day, guests were greeted by the Gloucestershire Troopers, a group of local Star Wars fans.   .

The Gloucester City Council's director of culture, Andrew Lewis, expressed his "delight" at the arrival of such a well-known and esteemed exhibition.

Whether you are a frequent visitor or a first-time visitor to the museum, we look forward to the force guiding you in your visit, he continued. "All audiences will find something of interest and we aim to provide something for all interests," he said.

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