The Music Museum in Coventry honors Terry Hall

Terry Hall's honoree

At a museum in his hometown, a memorial to The Specials frontman Terry Hall has been unveiled.

In December, Hall, 63, passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Coventry Music Museum declared that it "had to do something" in honor of the icon of the Two Tone movement, the singer.

"When he passed away in December, the outpouring was just amazing," said Pete Chambers, the museum's founder. It was unlike anything I've ever seen. ".

The Specials pioneered the two-tone and ska movements, and their music captured the turmoil, unemployment, and racial unrest of the time.

The band, which broke out in the 1970s and 1980s, is best known for its hits like Ghost Town, Gangsters, and Too Much Too Young.

When you mention Coventry anywhere in the world, people always bring up the Blitz, the cathedral, Lady Godiva, and Two Tone, according to Mr. Chambers.

Pay attention to this Terry Hall tribute song.

A painting by artist Rick Hadfield, pictures of the former frontman, and a space for fans to leave comments are all included in the tribute.

"So many people will have things to say," remarked Mr. Chambers, who also mentioned that when Hall passed away, a sizable number of visitors came to the museum to sign a book of condolences.

Finding additional space is always challenging because our museum is small, but this only serves to emphasize how crucial it is to do so, the man said.

"That demonstrates how much we love this man.

. "

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