The son claims that George Orwell's 1984 is still relevant today

George Orwells Buch

If George Orwell were still alive, his son told the BBC, he might feel a sense of "deja vu" about the state of politics.

On the occasion of the author's 120th birthday, Richard Blair gave a speech. Eric Blair, better known as George Orwell's pen name, adopted him.

The popular understanding of "Big Brother" and "Room 101" originated with George Orwell's novel 1984.

He would have wondered, "What's changed?", Mr. Blair told BBC Politics East.

George Orwell mural in Southwold
A mural honoring George Orwell was painted by the artist Pure Evil at the entrance to Southwold's pier.

Many people believe 1984 is more relevant than ever, Mr. Taylor said, especially in light of Russia's description of the conflict in Ukraine as a "special military operation" and the fact that many of former US President Donald Trump's supporters believe his fabrication that he won the last election.

When asked about his father's reaction today, Mr. Blair responded, "Has it changed from the world of 1984 and Animal Farm? It's been the same for millennia. In another 100 years, I suppose it will remain the same.

He would occasionally experience deja vu. What has changed, he would have questioned.

DJ Taylor
A new biography of George Orwell by DJ Taylor has been published.

He continued, "My dad was a great patriot. He was a fierce advocate for his nation and a strong opponent of both political camps. Both the left and the right would draw his ire. " .

Orwell is still very significant, according to Prof. Jean Seaton, the BBC's official historian.

"Facial recognition and surveillance are commonplace in our world. "1984 is about the power of authoritarian regimes like Russia and China to deceive their citizens, she said.

George Orwell
Throughout World War II, George Orwell was employed by the BBC.

As DJ Taylor, a novelist and writer from Norwich, published a new biography of Orwell, Mr. Blair delivered his remarks.

Award-winning author and critic Mr. Taylor's latest biography, "Orwell: The New Life," is the first to offer insights into Orwell from recently discovered letters to Eleanor Collings and Brenda Salkend, who had become significant figures in his life while he lived in Southwold, Suffolk.

"These two caches of new material," said Mr. Taylor, "letters he had written to girlfriends in Suffolk in the 1930s, tell us about all kinds of things, not just the relationship with the two women.".

"They provide us with information regarding what he was reading, his political views, and his location. ".

In terms of enhancing our comprehension of Orwell's writing, he continued, "I suspect that passages describing Winston's liaison with Julia in 1984 may have been inspired by his letters to Eleanor recalling their country walks at Southwold. ".

A Clergyman's Daughter, a 1935 book by George Orwell that is set in a fictionalized version of the town, was written while he was living in Southwold.

Picture of George Orwell, and cover of Nineteen Eighty-Four
1984 by George Orwell is regarded as a modern literature classic.

"I believe that a great deal of what Orwell felt he was rebelling against was Southwold and its atmosphere and values," said Mr. Taylor.

He was, however, a very traditional person. He was described as a conservative in all spheres aside from politics by someone.

There must have been some features of Southwold that he particularly liked. ".

The recently discovered letters were purchased by Mr. Blair and given to the University College London Orwell Archive.

In order to preserve the letters for posterity, Mr. Blair reasoned that he should make an offer.

"I found it intriguing that my father kept up his correspondence with Brenda Salkend for so many years. As far as I could tell, he consistently appeared to hold out a candle for each of his girlfriends, most definitely for these two. ".

On Sunday, July 2 at 10:00 BST, BBC One will air BBC Politics East. available on BBC iPlayer following broadcast.

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