Windrush Choir opens the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury

On the Pyramid Stage, the Windrush Choir and the Bristol Reggae Orchestra give performances

Opening Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage has been dubbed "the best moment ever" by performers from the Bristol Reggae Orchestra and Windrush Choir.

On Sunday morning, they performed a duet set in front of thousands of people to start the festival's final day.

One participant acknowledged having pre-show anxiety because she was worried that nobody would come to watch.

Singer and composer Gena Rose expressed being "over the moon excited" about the chance.

Blondie, Cat Stevens (also known as Yusuf Islam), and Sunday night's headlining act Elton John were all performed on the main festival stage after the orchestra and choir opened it.

It was started in 2011 with the intention of reaching out to Bristol's various groups.

Its name refers to the descendants of the Windrush generation and it works with people of all ages and levels of musical ability.

Pyramid Stage
On the festival's last day, the band opened the Pyramid stage.

After the performance, Ms. Rose said: "I don't think there are enough words to describe it. It was the best moment I've ever experienced. It was just absolutely amazing.

"I think the best response a performer could ever hope for from the audience is that they were chanting for more.

"At the time, I was living my best life, but now I'm crying. "    .

It came together, according to Rebecca Scott, a fellow chorister. This morning was a mixture of excitement and a lot of nerves.

"It's the biggest stage we've ever played on, but the audience's response was wonderful. Everyone seemed to be having a great time with it.

I wondered if anyone would be there after a weekend of partying, but it was amazing how many people were there. ".

The Bristol Reggae Orchestra and the Windrush Choir perform on the Pyramid Stage
On the festival's last day, the choir performed to open the Pyramid Stage.

When the band learned they would be playing Glastonbury, director Ben Jenkins claimed they were "in shock.".

"When we learned the news, instead of yelling at each other, the room fell silent as we all went into shock.

"Glastonbury Festival deserves a lot of praise for supporting both community music and the Windrush story. ".

One of 35 organizations in England that received a share of £500,000 to create projects honoring the legacy and cultural contributions of the Windrush generation is the orchestra and choir.

Additionally, it will perform in July at the Bristol Harbour Festival and St. Paul's Carnival.

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