WWE: MPs support John Cena's call for the UK WrestleMania

Speaking to the crowd in the wrestling ring was John Cena. He is holding a black microphone with the WWE logo on i...

Despite drawing larger crowds than World Cup finals and being around for 40 years, WrestleMania has never been held outside of North America.

So it's fair to say that superstar John Cena's appearance in London to demand that the WWE's flagship show travel to the UK shocked British fans.

When the initial excitement subsided, they began to wonder if the ideal match was actually possible.

A number of MPs claim they want to "help" make it happen.

The legendary wrestler turned Hollywood actor Cena's appearance, according to Alex Davies-Jones, the co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Wrestling, was a real shock.

She tells BBC Newsbeat, "Nobody anticipated John Cena coming out and announcing the possibility of a WrestleMania in the UK.

"It was absolutely incredible, and the entire place was buzzing with excitement about the potential implications for wrestling fans, the UK economy, and potential future fans. ".

Some have conjectured that John Cena's speech at the Money in the Bank event on Saturday at the O2 signifies that there are preparations being made to bring WrestleMania to the UK.

One of WWE's top brass, Triple H, responded when questioned about it after the show: "Never say never. ".

Wrestler Iyo Sky perches on top of a stepladder in the middle of the ring during the women's Money in the Bank match. She's clutching a briefcase, with Money in the Bank written on it. Becky Lynch is handcuffed to the bottom of the ladder at the left while Bayley is handcuffed to the opposite side.
Iyo Sky won the women's Money in the Bank match by handcuffing her fellow wrestlers Becky Lynch (left) and Bayley (right) to the ladder.

Before fans get too enthused, though, they should know that it is much harder than it seems, to quote Triple H. ".

In exchange for the boost to local economies, WWE wants cities and nations to pay them to host events there.

However, Alex, the Labour MP for Pontypridd, Wales, asserts that they will unquestionably be focusing on it.

She says, "I would love for it to happen.".

"The APPG has already discussed how we can contribute to making that happen by facilitating conversations in any way we can. ".

AEW, a different wrestling organization, will hold their first show outside of North America at Wembley Stadium in August, according to Alex, who claims that wrestling is experiencing a "great resurgence" in the UK.

She says, "We are more than happy to help facilitate anything we can to make the UK attractive to host wrestling on the international stage.

"We would try to contact WWE using our negotiating and contact skills, setting up meetings to try and promote the UK as a top location for world-class wrestling. ".

Along with Money in the Bank, the first significant WWE event to take place in London in twenty-one years, WrestleMania is one of the company's "big five" events.

And it seems like it will be difficult to contain the excitement among fans about what could happen next after Cena's appearance at the O2.

"I thought I might start crying. After the show, Jessica told Newsbeat that it felt surreal.

Another fan, Kieron, stated: "For WrestleMania to be in the UK would be everything. We always talk about that moment of going to WrestleMania and it being a bucket list moment. ".

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