Hollywood says, "The majority of us have side jobs."

Liz Lafontant grinning in a headshot taken by a professional

You might have a long wait if you're eagerly anticipating the next Stranger Things season or the new Wicked movie.

Hollywood writers and actors are on strike over pay, and there are concerns about the potential effects of AI on jobs, which has caused some of the biggest movies and TV shows in the world to pause production.

The largest industry shutdown in more than 60 years will result in over 170,000 workers refusing to carry out any aspect of their duties.

A-listers have also been actively participating, substituting picket lines for the red carpet.

Actors like Jason Sudeikis have shown up at picket lines outside of major studios like Disney and Netflix, while others like George Clooney and Jennifer Lawrence have joined the strike.

But the strike is having an impact on people who may not have ever walked a red carpet or appeared in a big-budget film as well.

Liz Lafontant smiling in a selfie, her hair is down and she's wearing a baseball cap
According to Liz Lafontant, streaming has "significantly impacted" her income.

In an effort to pursue her dream without the help of an agent, actress and producer Liz Lafontant relocated from Orlando to Los Angeles during the pandemic.

She ultimately scored two roles: one in the TV drama The Oval and another in Tyler Perry's Bruh as a recurring guest star.

However, she claims that after this, work "dwindled" and she began to work as a personal assistant.

She claims that since the pandemic, the popularity of streaming has had a "significant effect" on her income and that many of the striking actors cannot afford health insurance.

The majority of us, like everyone else in the world, have day jobs or other sources of income because it isn't sustainable, according to her.

"The celebrities who appear in blockbuster films and on red carpets are earning a sizable sum, but the majority are not. ".

She is determined to continue her strike for however long it takes, just like many other actors and writers in America. But she acknowledges that it will be difficult.

"You don't want people to know or believe that you are having financial difficulties, but I believe that by being transparent, people may be able to see what is actually going on. ".

Additionally, she would like to see "more compassion" shown for actors.

As an actor, you have to balance a lot of things, so you need to be strong to do it. ".

Alex takes a selfie photo with short light brown hair and is wearing a dark suit jacket with a patterned blue shirt underneath.
Alex, a writer of television and film, opposes the strikes.

But not everyone in the industry feels the same way given that nurses and doctors are also striking in the UK.

Full-time screenwriter Alex Edge, 26, of Portsmouth has written for both British and American TV programs.

He declares, "I may take a strong position, but I'm not really in favor of the strikes.".

"There are people, especially in the UK, who are nurses who must visit food banks because they cannot afford the food they want despite the fact that they are saving lives.

Hollywood is extremely challenging; it always has been. ".

This conflict between studio executives and the crew isn't just about money; some actors, particularly those who work as extras, view AI as a threat and worry about losing their jobs.

Alex, however, believes that Hollywood actors and writers shouldn't be concerned about the technology.

"I hope we embrace AI and use it as a tool rather than being afraid of it. Technologies change. AI can be a tool that helps us make better stories and movies. ".

Additionally, he works with aspiring authors to help them break into the field and claims that AI is helpful for plot and structure development, acting as "an assistant when you've hit a creative wall.".

We shouldn't concentrate on the drawbacks, he says.

But for performers like Liz, AI is a tool that has no place on a movie set.

"I don't think there's any way that AI can do that when you see the ground-breaking performances that win Academy Awards and unite people," the speaker said.

I believe AI can be used for less creative tasks, but no matter how well trained it is, the results will still be uninspired. " .

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