A new Spotify listening record is set by The Weeknd

the BBC

Spotify has confirmed that The Weeknd is the first artist in the service's history to reach 100 million monthly listeners.

Blinding Lights, which has been heard 3.4 billion times on the service, is the artist's song that has already received the most plays overall.

Few days after releasing a new remix of Die For You with Ariana Grande, he received his most recent honor.

After becoming popular on TikTok, the 2016 song has found new life.

When it was first released, it was only a modest hit, peaking at number 74 on the charts. It returned to the Top 40 last week and is expected to soar this Friday.

The Weeknd

With more than 45 platinum singles and albums, The Weeknd—real name Abel Tesfaye—has emerged as one of the biggest chart stars of the past ten years.

His first songs, which showcased a dark, explicit Randamp;B style that explored drug use, casual sex, and alienation, were uploaded to YouTube in 2010. He was born to Ethiopian immigrants in Toronto.

Tesfaye was able to create the nine-song mixtape House of Balloons, which he made available as a free download, thanks to the Canadian rapper Drake's posting of those early demos to his personal blog.

Despite widespread praise from critics, Tesfaye seemed an unlikely candidate for mainstream success, but by the middle of the 2010s, he had amassed an astonishing string of hit singles.

These included a duet with Ariana Grande (Love Me Harder), a disco-funk hit (I Can't Feel My Face) with Michael Jackson as inspiration, and a futuristic partnership with Daft Punk (Starboy).

With the lead single Blinding Lights becoming the longest-running top five single on the US Hot 100, his fourth album After Hours topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

A character's hedonistic night out in After Hours, a concept album, takes a dark turn and involves drinking, fighting, and ultimately being possessed by an evil spirit. With his face covered in bandages throughout the publicity campaign, Tesfaye maintained character.

The Weeknd

The story was continued in the sequel released the previous year, Dawn FM, in which the protagonist went from purgatory to the afterlife.

It became the musician's third number one album in the UK, adding to a resume of accomplishments that already includes four Grammy Awards, two MTV Awards, and an Oscar nomination for Earned It, a song he contributed to the soundtrack for the film Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Weeknd
In 2021, the performer appeared at the Super Bowl half-time show.

The Weeknd is the first celebrity to reach 100 million monthly listeners on Spotify, which has a market share of 50% in the UK and about 30% globally.

In comparison, The Beatles have a monthly audience of 27 million, Madonna has a following of 23 million, and Michael Jackson has a following of 34 million.

Despite the record-breaking success of her most recent single, Flowers, Tesfaye's closest rival is Miley Cyrus, who trails behind with 82.5 million.

Last month, the star would have made $239,072 (£198,176) if each of his 100,450,642 listeners had played just one of his songs.

The Weeknd and Ariana Grande

Die For You, which received little attention when it was first released, has found new life on TikTok, where it soundtracks more than 150,000 videos.

Unusual for a song, there isn't a meme or dance that goes viral with it. People have just become addicted to its overwrought R.

The song has unexpectedly risen to number seven in the US charts as a result of its resurgence.

The Weeknd took advantage of the circumstance and released a remix with Ariana Grande, with whom he has recorded four duets.

With a video of herself in the studio working on the song, Grande gave fans a preview of the album last week.

After a 14-hour day on the set for her part in the upcoming Wicked movie, she said, "Wrote and recorded a verse for my friend.". "This specific exception needed to be made.... " .

The Idol
The Idol, a new television program, will debut later this year.

The Weeknd: Live at SoFi Stadium, a concert movie that was captured during the American leg of his ongoing After Hours 'Til Dawn Tour, was released by the celebrity over the weekend.

This summer, the show will make its way to Europe, with performances in the UK at the Olympic Stadium in London and the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.

The musician is also getting ready for the premiere of The Idol, a TV drama he and Sam Levinson of Euphoria wrote.

A self-help guru and the head of a contemporary cult whose complicated relationship with a rising pop idol is the subject of the television program. ".

A trailer debuted last October, showcasing an all-star cast that includes Hank Azaria of The Simpsons, Troye Sivan, Dan Levy of Schitt's Creek, Jennie of Blackpink, and Lily-Rose Depp. A release date has not yet been announced.

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