According to Elon Musk, Twitter is temporarily limiting the tweets that users can view

The Twitter logo at its San Francisco corporate headquarters

According to owner Elon Musk, Twitter has temporarily set a limit on how many tweets users can read in a day.

Unverified accounts can read up to 600 posts per day, according to a tweet from Mr. Musk.

According to him, newly unverified accounts can only view 300 posts per day, compared to verified accounts' daily limit of 6,000.

The temporary restrictions, according to Mr. Musk, were put in place to address "extreme levels" of system hacking and data scraping.

People trying to access Twitter on Friday were informed that they needed to log in to see the content. Mr. Musk described the action as a "temporary emergency measure.".

Apparently, the social media platform was "getting data pillaged so much that it was degrading service for normal users," according to his claim.

The UK experienced a peak of 5,126 people having trouble logging into the platform at 16:12 BST, according to the website Downdetector, which monitors online outages.

Following considerable negotiation, Mr. Musk acquired the business last year for $44 billion (£35 billion). Soon after taking over, he made the decision to reduce the staff from just under 8,000 to about 1,500.

He acknowledged that it had not been simple to reduce the workforce in a BBC interview.

The platform's stability was questioned after engineers were included in the layoffs.

While Mr. Musk was aware of some issues, he assured the BBC in April that outages had not persisted for long and the website was operating as intended.

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