Customers of Virgin Media are concerned about lost emails

a stock photo of a smartphone with the Virgin Media logo on it

There is no estimated time for when the problem will be resolved, but some Virgin Media email users have been unable to access their inboxes for more than two weeks.

On Monday, June 19, customers first began submitting problem reports.

While all users can send and receive emails once more, according to Virgin Media, some users are still unable to access messages from before the disruption.

The BBC was informed by one user who was a retired IT professional that he wasn't "100% sure these emails are ever going to be recovered.".

A former IT system designer for several large UK companies, Phil Westlake, has lost access to his old emails. He claimed that from his experience, large organizations' disaster recovery plans would call for the issue to be resolved within a few hours.

He said, "I'm struggling to understand why that's so difficult to get it back, and I guess anybody with any IT background would struggle to do the same.

Virgin Media expressed its "unreserved regret" for the trouble it had caused.

All emails were previously described as being "safe and secure.".

The company runs a number of email services, including @blueyonder . co . uk, @ntlworld . com, @virginmedia . com, and @virgin . net.

The company has been questioned by the BBC regarding the scope of the situation.

Virgin Media's director of customer service, Axel Wehrle, wrote the following in an email to customers on June 23: "Unfortunately, a component of the hardware that controls our mailbox platform experienced a failure, overtaxing the servers and causing service disruption for some email users. ".

A Cambridgeshire customer who wished to remain anonymous told the BBC that the ongoing issues were "upsetting" and "frustrating.". Her emails after her husband's passing contained condolences. As the executor of his will, she also requires access to the email.

Another user, Ian, who is from Merseyside, claimed that the issues had prevented him from holding charity auctions as planned.

"[My inbox] has all the information about the donors, donations, and other campaign-related items. and I must not have misplaced any data, contacts, emails, etc. it will either be disastrous, or.

I've had that email account for about 25 years, and it contains the entirety of my life, he said.

Following a recent problem with our email service, all Virgin Media email users are now able to send and receive emails normally, a Virgin Media spokesperson told the BBC.

"Unfortunately, a small number of affected users cannot right now view historical emails in their inboxes.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this is causing. We understand that those who have important emails and documents saved in their inboxes will find this frustrating.

"Fixing this problem is taking longer than we had anticipated, but our teams are working nonstop to quickly fully restore all old emails. ".

The business stressed that the incident was not a data breach and that no users' data or personal information had been accessed or compromised in any way despite reporting the email problem to the Information Commissioner's Office.

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