David Guetta claims that AI is the key to the future of music

Guetta, David

After using AI to incorporate an Eminem-like vocal into a recent song, top DJ David Guetta declared that "the future of music is in AI.".

In order to write lyrics and a rap in the manner of the US star for a live performance, the DJ used two artificial intelligence websites.

The track will not be made available for purchase, according to the French producer.

But he added that he believes that in the future, musicians will use AI as a tool to produce novel sounds because "every new music style comes from a new technology.".

At the Brit Awards, Guetta told BBC music reporter Mark Savage, "I'm convinced that AI is the future of music. I'm sure. No question exists. a tool, though. ".

At the ceremony on Saturday, Guetta was recognized as the best producer.

Nothing can take the place of taste, he declared. "What makes someone an artist is that they have specific tastes and certain emotions they want to express, and they use all the tools of the modern world to do it. ".

He made a comparison between AI and musical instruments that have sparked revolutions in the past.

"It's likely that there wouldn't be any rock 'n' roll without the electric guitar. Without the Roland TB-303 [bass synthesiser] or the Roland TR-909 drum machine, there wouldn't be any acid house. Without the sampler, there would be no hip-hop.

"AI might define new musical genres, in my opinion. Every new musical genre, in my opinion, is a result of technological advancement. ".

The Eminem-inspired vocal was created "as a joke," according to Guetta, who claimed in a video he posted last week, but "it worked so well, I could not believe it.".

According to him, he posted it "just to open the discussion and bring awareness.".

Because so many people are responding, it's actually very funny. Some of them think, "This is genius.". Some of them are furious with me, but I'm not going to release the record,' I was told.

It is improbable to believe that it is a genuine collaboration, but Eminem sounds exactly like himself, he continued.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honored Eminem with its induction last year.

When his Twitter post went viral, some of his followers expressed their admiration for the experiment, but others were less enthusiastic. YouTube and TikToker Bilawal Sidhu tweeted: "And here is the problem with the state of AI proliferation today. creativity restrained. ".

Eminem is yet to respond.

No matter your perspective, AI is here to stay.

Nick Cave
Some lyrics created by a chatbot didn't impress Nick Cave.

Last week, Variety reported that more AI-generated songs have become popular on TikTok in recent months, with users altering existing songs to sound like they are being sung by a different artist using software.

Last month, Drake fans started making their own music in the rapper's style using an AI generator.

Nick Cave wrote a harsh critique of an AI program that attempted to write a song "in the style of Nick Cave" in January as well.

The results were described by the singer as "a grotesque mockery" and "a travesty".

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