London street billboards for the OnlyFans account draw criticism

a close-up of the advertisement with the words "keep porn off our streets" written in green and black spray paint

The advertising watchdog has received complaints in response to billboards promoting a woman's explicit OnlyFans account.

In ads that feature model Eliza Rose Watson wearing underwear, Harrow and Edgware in north-west London and Lambeth in south-west London have seen publication.

Keep porn off our streets has been spray-painted over one of Harrow's advertisements.

According to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), complaints about the advertisement are being looked into.

The ASA stated in a statement that it had received five complaints regarding the advertisement.

It stated that "Complainants believe the advertisement is inappropriate, particularly in untargeted media where children can view it.".

"We are examining these complaints to see if there are any legitimate reasons to launch an investigation. ".

The visual content of the advertisements, according to Ms. Watson, was "very well thought out," she told the BBC.

"The image in the art is simply a torso shot of a 34-year-old woman," she outlined.

"I would say that it isn't any more adult than an advertisement for alcohol and is even less risqué than lingerie advertisements you see in large shopping malls.

"Connecting the .s between the logo and the image is kind of a grown-up thing to do. ".

The billboard advert in Harrow, showing Eliza with hair over her face and wearing a green plunge bra.
According to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), complaints are being looked into.

Ms. Watson added that since such content is widely available online, it was a "wider issue" if a child or young adult recognized the OnlyFans logo. She claimed to have paid for four advertisements in London and two in New York.

She continued by saying that limiting the locations where such advertisements could be displayed would only "demonize" them and questioned whether doing so was the best course of action for a problem that was pervasive.

When the BBC queried Harrow residents about the advertisements, they had a variety of opinions.

Alex Mitchell, a man with brown hair wearing a grey sports top, standing by the advert in Harrow
The advertisement should not be placed so close to schools, according to Alex Mitchell.

I have no problems with people pursuing a career, provided it is legal, according to Alex Mitchell.

But I believe that when you're close to local schools — you have a primary school up the end of this road, you have a secondary school there — advertising issues like what's on the poster behind me are inappropriate because young people are impressionable. ".

Pushpa, a woman with grey hair, glasses and a blue and pink jacket.
Pushpa claims that the advertisement is offensive because it is "suggestive.".

Pushpa, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I would say for other drivers going around and pedestrians, it's very suggestive and it's very distracting.

"I wouldn't want it here because it's irrelevant to any area, let alone one of this kind. ".

Another woman, who wished to remain unnamed, said: "I don't find it particularly bothersome.   .

"To be honest, I wouldn't even notice it if I passed it on the street because I've seen women in bikinis and other similar clothing before. " .

People who complained, she continued, were "slightly overreacting.".

Another woman remarked: "If I were to walk by it, I wouldn't even give it a cursory look.

She continued, "I don't think it's a very good idea to keep it on the side of a building, especially on a crowded street," because students could pass by the advertisements and "they might see that and wonder why it's there.".

According to a spokesperson for the London-based billboard company Amplify, which is hosting the advertisements, the company adheres to "strict ASA rules" and has "stuck to the advertising guidelines.".

The statement they made read, "The contents of the campaign are those of the advertiser, not of Amplify.".

"We think the advertisements that are being shown adhere to ASA regulations. ".

A response has been requested from OnlyFans.

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