Mae Stephens: If We Ever Broke Up was a spur-of-the-moment TikTok concept

Mae Stevens

These days, it's nearly impossible to visit TikTok without hearing Mae Stephens' iconic breakup song.

The 15-second clip of the 19-year-old's single If We Ever Broke Up went viral while she was working at a grocery store.

Since then, her YouTube videos have received millions of views and she has signed with a record label.

However, Mae claimed to BBC Newsbeat that she only uploaded it to TikTok "at the last minute" when she was short on ideas.

I put on the brightest jumper I could, did the worst dance moves, and went out for New Year's Eve. The next morning, I got spam because it had gone viral, she claims.

"I was somewhat shocked and thought, 'This isn't really happening.'.

"And then, just to see the views, views, comments, and people now spamming for the song on the videos, it was like, 'right, now I need to go and get stuff done.'". ".

Since leaving Asda, Mae has been focusing solely on her music, which she says she loves doing.

It has been a very hectic few weeks, especially since I signed with the label and released the lyric videos.

"It's been hectic, but I've literally loved every minute of it. It's like switching from your daily job to something you love doing every day. ".

Still from Mae's viral video on TikTok
On TikTok, Mae's original version of the song has received more than 11 million views.

If We Ever Broke Up is dominating Instagram reels in addition to TikTok, even on videos that have nothing to do with breakups.

Why, then, does Mae believe that the song, which is about telling your ex's dad about how they treated you, has become so popular?

She claims that this is the case because of the things that people want to say but are unable to.

"In my opinion, it gives people a confident vibe and may even serve as a reminder of who they are.

"And if they're in a bad relationship or are being mistreated by someone, they can leave.

I always wanted to say, "I'll call your dad," but I never did it when I was younger.

And if I could turn the clock back, I would without a doubt tell his father everything by calling him.

. "

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