Swindon's first surgical procedures with a new surgical robot

a doctor using a robot

The first surgeries performed with a surgical robot that was purchased earlier this year.

The robot will be used at Great Western Hospital in Swindon for gynecology, urology, and general surgery.

People won't have to travel great distances for significant surgery because it will enable surgeons to perform procedures in a less invasive manner.

We are very happy to have it here, said consultant surgeon Roderick Alexander.

Roderick Alexander in his surgical clothes
Mr. Alexander claimed he had been eager to get a surgical robot and had been asking for one for "some time.".

Seven bowel operations have so far been carried out using the robot by Mr. Alexander and fellow consultant surgeon Anwar Owais.

For "some time," Mr. Alexander claimed, he had been requesting a surgical robot.

He remarked, "It's exciting, it's the future of surgery.".

Anwar Owais in the surgery
This is the new method of conducting business, Mr. Owais said.

The robot, Mr. Owais continued, "kind of looked like an octopus.".

He continued, "The robot's entire purpose is to mimic a human arm.

"This is the new way to conduct business. ".

Felicity Taylor-Drew in front of the surgical robot
According to Ms. Taylor-Drew, the robot would enable the hospital to plan for the future.

The Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon, and Wiltshire Integrated Care Board region has pledged to make investments in cutting-edge technology, according to the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Felicity Taylor-Drew, the Great Western Hospital's chief operating officer, continued, "This is about us having a long-term perspective.

Patients will have to travel less, which is a huge benefit.

For the locals here, it's fantastic.

. "

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