The UK will be the first foreign location for ChatGPT's owner, OpenAI

Sam Altman

The US business that created ChatGPT has announced that London will house its first overseas location.

The move, according to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is "a chance to attract world-class talent.".

It follows his criticism of proposed EU legislation governing artificial intelligence (AI), which would oblige businesses to disclose the data used to train their systems.

Meanwhile, the UK is developing "pro-innovation" regulations.

As a city known for its exceptional talent pool and rich culture, Diane Yoon, VP of People at OpenAI, said, "We are thrilled to expand our research and development footprint into London.".

"We are excited to create dynamic research and engineering teams. to support our initiatives in fostering the development of safe AI. ".

Intense global interest in the newest AI-powered products was sparked when ChatGPT first appeared on the scene in November thanks to its capacity to respond to questions in a human-sounding manner.

Additionally, it sparked a discussion about the potential dangers that AI may present and the regulations that are required to lessen those risks.

In May, at a gathering at University College London, Mr. Altman expressed his belief that AI could both increase employment and decrease inequality.

AI could "positively transform humanity," according to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who also claimed that it could "deliver better outcomes for the British public, with emerging opportunities in a range of areas to improve public services.".

ChatGPT has generated controversy and was briefly outlawed in Italy before being reinstated in April 2023.

The UK government reported investing $2.15 billion in AI since 2014.

For a response, the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology has been contacted by the BBC.

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