Tributes to Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Dolly Parton demonstrate on stage against the Meta "ban"

George Michael ("We want Freedom - lift the ban"), Britney Spears ("Zuck - your policies are toxic"), and Dolly Pa...

After having their Facebook and Instagram accounts deleted due to policies prohibiting impersonation, tribute acts staged a protest outside Meta's London headquarters.

The "unfair" actions, which they claimed were endangering their livelihoods, were opposed by impersonators of Dolly Parton, Freddie Mercury, and Adele, among others.

One of the acts said, "They are banning us.".

According to Meta, such performers are accepted but must explicitly state that they are not the real star.

Outside the UK offices of the parent company of the social media platforms on Tuesday, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and George Michael also joined the supergroup of tribute acts.

Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and George Michael impersonators, with the Taylor Swift tribute holding a sign reading andquot;I knew your policies were trouble"
I Knew You Were Trouble was transformed into a tribute to Taylor Swift.

Dolly's actor Kelly O'Brien, who works a regular 9 to 5 job, told BBC Breakfast that they were going straight to Meta because they had "had enough.". ".

She said, "We started a campaign three months ago. "Meta expressed some interest in us and assured us that they would handle all of our accounts.

'Some of us got our accounts back, but we got banned again. It simply keeps taking place time and time again. ".

O'Brien claimed that despite The Dolly Show having thousands of fans on Facebook and Instagram, her accounts were shut down last year.

It is occurring globally and internationally, she continued. Additionally, I receive requests for assistance on a daily basis from tribute acts around the world. This is my livelihood; what can we do? My company handles this. Although Meta won't let us, we want to pay for this platform. They're kicking us out. ".

A line of eight tribute artists outside the Meta office, with Dolly Parton centre holding a megaphone
The Adele impersonator (right) pondered whether or not to continue pursuing Meta.

The BBC was informed by Meta that although it still had not changed its policy to forbid tribute act Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, some of them had been "wrongly removed.".

Artists must, however, explicitly state in their bios that they are not the entertainer's chosen representative or that they are "speaking in the voice of," according to the statement.

A spokesperson told BBC News: "We've always permitted tribute acts on Facebook and Instagram, and we know our platforms play a crucial role in fostering fan connections in these communities.

"Our technology can make errors from time to time, and we've restored a number of pages and accounts that were incorrectly deleted for impersonation. ".

She continued, "We recognize how frustrating this can be, so we encourage tribute acts to make it clear in their bio or profile that they are not the real person. ".

Madeleine Roberts, better known as Shania Twain, is not overly impressed with what has been happening.

She said to BBC Breakfast, "You build up this following and it just disappears.". "You are unable to advertise your performances, and visitors who wish to contact you are unable to do so. ".

For 24 years, the entertainer has alternately performed as Shania. She said: "I've actually got two pages at the moment because one just came back [online] out of nowhere. As a result, I now use one for Shania's solo work as well as the bands I work with.

. "

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