What is the streaming service Kick, with which xQc has partnered

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Most likely, you'll log onto Twitch to watch your favorite streamer. However, is that about to alter?

Amouranth and xQc, two of the biggest names on the Amazon-owned platform, were poached by rival Kick, which has been making headlines.

Because of the promise of a larger revenue cut, those high-profile converts have encouraged other smaller streamers to follow them.

Though opinions on the new competitor are divided, not everyone is convinced.

It's fair to say that Twitch has struggled lately. Streamers' boycotts of proposed stricter advertising regulations led to the company's abandonment of those plans.

It then lost Amouranth and xQc to Kick within a 48-hour period. xQc is said to have been lured away with a deal worth about $100 million (£78 million).

Kick officially debuted in January of this year, and if you visit it, you'll see that it resembles Twitch quite a bit.

You can sort the standard rolling page of livestreams by genre or game name.

There is also a chat where viewers can interact with one another and the streamer, with the option to subscribe or tip the creator.

One of Kick's biggest distinctions—and draws—is its payment system.

In contrast to Twitch's 50% and YouTube's 70%, it currently allows all content creators to keep 95% of their subscription revenue.

That makes switching a no-brainer for streamers like Dean, also known as AverageDad.

Dean shows off his streaming set-up. He's behind a microphone, posing with a neutral, fairly serious look. He's got a very neat beard and tidy, short hair and wears a t-shirt with thin blue and burgundy stripes. The background is blurred but we can make out gaming memorabilia, including a framed Call of Duty print and several Funko Pop! figures in and out of boxes. Most appear to be Pokemon themed.
By streaming on Kick, according to Dean, he can make more money.

He questions, "Why wouldn't you want to make twice as much as you would on another platform?".

Greater Manchester native Dean left Twitch earlier this month and is now streaming on several platforms, including Kick, which he claims will give Twitch "a good old fight.".

The goal of content producers is to make money in any way they can, he claims.

The more lax content policy of Kick is another significant distinction between the two.

Additionally, the platform's prominent gambling streams, which frequently rank in the top three categories, have generated discussion.

Ed Craven, the billionaire owner of the cryptocurrency and betting site Stake . com, which sponsors Everton FC and Alfa Romeo's F1 team, is one of the co-founders of Kick.

During a recent Twitch gambling crackdown, Stake . com was one of the accounts that were banned.

Additionally, some streamers, such as the incredibly well-liked Pokimane, have expressed their disapproval of Kick due to his connections to the gambling industry.

She warned her 9.3m fans that going there would violate her morals.

Nevertheless, Dean dismisses a large portion of the criticism as a "smear campaign" because there are still some gambling-related streams on Twitch, such as slots and roulette streams from organizations that have a legal permit to operate them.

Two Everton fans in the stands at a game, both have their arms raised up in a celebratory pose. One wears a blue Everton home shirt, with the club's badge over the left breast and the Stake . com logo in the centre.
Stake . com sponsors Everton FC in addition to investing in Kick.

Additionally, some streamers have said that Kick is a much more toxic environment, especially for LGBT streamers and people of color.

There are supposedly fewer options available for handling harassment and abuse.

Leeds-based Nic, also known as NicScreams, claims that she and her following wouldn't feel safe streaming on Kick.

A few significant additions, like Twitch-banned Adin Ross, have her worried as well.

He is clearly homophobic. He's outright misogynistic," Nic claims.

"There are videos of him harassing unidentified women online based solely on their appearance, and nothing is done.

He continues to make money on Kick while streaming. ".

Kick has been contacted by BBC Newsbeat for comment, and a response is expected soon.

It's important to note that the platform has rules against discrimination and drug use and is not a free-for-all for content.

Additionally, when xQc streamed the Batman movie The Dark Knight on his channel, he was already in trouble for copyright infringement.

Nic claims, however, that she thinks Twitch takes more action to stop hate speech.

I know that Twitch will watch out for me if something happens in my stream that I or my community don't like, she says.

Streamer Nic wears a dark grey gaming headset with plastic bat sticking out of the top on either side. She's got reddish brown hair and wears a deep red lipstick.
For women and the LGBT+ community, Nic describes her Twitch channel as a safe haven.

Nic acknowledges that it's gotten harder to make money on Twitch, and she's switched from full-time to part-time streaming.

Despite withdrawing from plans to limit its advertising options, it is still moving forward with a controversial measure.

Simulcasting, which is practiced by many streamers to increase their income, is prohibited. Simulcasting involves going live simultaneously on several different platforms.

Nic claims that streaming on Twitch is financially terrible.

It feels like Twitch is very quick to take away your ability to turn this into a career or a side business even though you work really hard to do so. " .

Ninja, the well-known streamer, looks like he's concentrating on a match as the orange glow of a gaming room emanates from behind him. He's wearing a large gaming headset with padded earcups and what looks like an American hockey or football style shirt in blue with yellow lines criss-crossing at points. His trademark spiky hair is coloured a teal/blue shade on this occasion.
Since Mixer was shut down, Ninja has re-joined Twitch.

So, will Kick be a hit?

Many people have drawn comparisons to Mixer, a short-lived Twitch rival launched by Microsoft.

It gained notoriety by hiring well-known Fortnite streamer Ninja in a deal worth $50 million (£39 million), but was shut down a year later.

Dean, however, is confident that Kick will be different.

In five years, he predicts, "Kick will be more of a topic of conversation than Twitch.".

Kick has stated that more well-known figures like xQc will be joining, and Dean believes that this will only benefit streamers like him.

He claims that when xQc stops streaming, none of his viewers simply decide not to continue watching.

They'll stay for a little while and perhaps check out a few different streams, which will enable that platform to continuously develop and advance. ".

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